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The needle and implanter


      The microchip is preloaded into a disposable, single use implanter which consists of a high quality hollow needle and a spring-assisted syringe. The implanter and microchip are sterilised and ready to use.
      Sterilisation is done during the manufacturing process with ethylene oxide. The sterile pack has a yellow coloured indicator panel to confirm that it has been sterilised.
      If this yellow colour is not showing do not use the pack.
      The hollow needle is protected with a plastic sleeve which should remain in place until just prior to implanting and afterwards be replaced, prior to disposal in the correct manner.
      For convenience, the collar tag is packed in the sterile pouch with the implanter assembly.
      Also inside the sterile pack are several adhesive bar-code labels, showing the code number of the microchip - these are for sticking onto the pages of the registration document which accompanies the implanter.
      There are sufficient bar code labels to also allow some to be used for practice records.
The disposable implanter for microchip.
The microchip and implanter in a sterile package. Implanted microchip.
Needle implanter with a microchip. The dimensions of the microchip for pets.
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